Mitrovica: A City Divided

In Kosovo there is a town called Mitrovica that is located about an hour from Prishtina. There is a river running through the town that divides it into two sides: north and south. The Serbians live in North Mitrovica, and the Albanians live on the south side of the Ibar River. There used to be a bridge connecting the two sides, but due to protests and destruction they shut it down.

There is a definite divide between the two sides, and you can immediately see and feel it as you walk around. The south side, the Albanian side, has prospered and has more money, while the north side is struggling. Serbians are allies with Russia, and my sister said that even as little as two years ago you could see crazy propaganda pictures of Putin, such as him walking through flames, in North Mitovica. I imagine it might have looked something like this:
 (image from

I know I know. That’s not what the poster actually looked like. But I couldn’t find it online, and something like what’s above keeps popping into my mind when I try to picture what it looked like.

If you go to the Serbian side you can hike up a hill to a miners’ monument, and the hilltop affords a great view of the city.

Mitrovica is an interesting town and I recommend you visit it, but I would also recommend you do your research on the town before you can arrive so that you fully comprehend the history of the city.

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