Ulcinj: A City Where Doing Nothing is Okay

Ulcinj, Montenegro: The place where you aren’t supposed to work too hard. They have contests for who can be the laziest…
Everyone wants to move there now, right? 
If that doesn’t sell you on the town, their beaches will. They have several options for beaches, including a nude one and one just for women. I opted for the traditional beach, complete with rocks. Ask around if you don’t want the resort-style crazy beaches. I found one off the beaten path, and I paid 3 euros for an umbrella for the day.

There is not a lot to see in Ulcinj; people come here for the beaches. The water is clear and the ice cream is refreshing. POL picture of me to prove I was there and didn’t just pull all of these pictures off the internet.

The photo where I started to notice my camera is broken and everything is turning out blurry now….

In the evenings I highly recommend going to one of the restaurants or bars on the cliff to watch the sunset. It is absolutely beautiful and very peaceful.

Where the umbrellas are is where I watched the sunset each night:

Ulcinj is known for its pirate history, so I recommend staying at the Pirate Hostel while you are there. It’s only logical, and the owners are extremely nice.

One thought on “Ulcinj: A City Where Doing Nothing is Okay

  1. Wow what beautiful sunsets! Those are really good pictures of you Linds – they really show how pretty you are! I hope your camera is not a total loss cause it has been fun traveling vicariously through your pictures and stories. Look forward to more! 🙂


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