Lake Ohrid: Having and Giving No Cares

One of the best attributes of many Europeans is that they give zero cares at the beach. Today Gjoko, the owner of the hostel where I am staying, took a group of us out on his boat.  He parked his boat off towards the middle of the lake and we were able to swim for a bit. It is amazing to swim in a lake where you can actually see the bottom. Of course, once I was in the lake, Gjoko decided to tell me that there are actually eels in the lake. Eels? Who knew they were still around??? Of course immediately my mind went to the scene from The Princess Bride

Princess Bride Eel Scene
Despite the eel talk, I continued swimming in the over a million years old lake. The day ended on a beach. I love most Europeans because they do NOT care about what they look like in a swimsuit. You never have to worry about what you look like because they give zero cares. At all.

A view from my spot on the beach:

(Disregard the abnormally large arm on one of the guys. I’m not the best pano taker….)

I highly recommend Lake Ohrid as a stop in your travels to relax and rejuvenate.

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