Osprey Farpoint 70

One of the hardest choices to make as a traveler (after you decide where you want to go!) is what bag to bring. Do you carry on? Check your bag? If you’re going to Europe do you bring luggage or a backpack?

There are endless choices out there. I think each time I have traveled to Europe I have used a different method. The first few times I went, I lugged around a huge rolling suitcase that I could fit myself inside (and I’m 5’10). At the time it was fine because I was on tour with my parents, so transportation was not an issue.

For my next few trips to Europe I went with a traditional “backpacking” backpack. Great for jumping on and off trains and walking along cobblestone streets, but a nightmare when it comes to finding your stuff. Traditional backpacks normally have a top closure, and then a zipper portion at the bottom for access.

For my trip this summer I have decided to try a new bag….drumroll please…..

The Osprey Farpoint 70!!


I did a TON of research before making this purchase. This particular bag comes in smaller sizes, and many travelers did recommend a smaller bag; however, I’m a Dallas girl and I need my stuff. Lots of stuff. After extensive research the Osprey Farpoint 70 seemed like the right fit for me. One of my favorite parts of this bag? It zips up like a traditional backpack. So for those of us that pack our bags to the max, it makes it easy to find our stuff! I bought my Osprey Farpoint 70 at REI, and I am extremely happy with my purchase (as of right now- I’ll give an update after the trip!). Below are some more pictures to help you get a better feel for the bag.

Yet another awesome feature of this bag. The back zips up to hide away those pesky shoulder straps for flights, etc. Below is a picture of the back of the bag zipped:


And then unzipped to reveal the should straps:


And then the side of the bag with a handle if you need to pick up your bag and throw it underneath a bus for storage:


If you still aren’t sold on the greatness of this bag, here are a few more incentives. It has a detachable miniature backpack for day trips, with storage areas for your water and a padded back for comfort:

I highly recommend this bag for anyone going on an extended trip, who wants to “backpack” through your travel destination, but who hates the backpacks with access points only located at the top and bottom of the bag.

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