Sayulita Wedding

At the end of April I was blessed enough to attend the wedding of two friends of mine in Sayulita, Mexico. If you are thinking of doing a destination wedding at a resort in a place like Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, etc., STOP RIGHT NOW. Cancel your plans, and book your wedding in Sayulita. 

Sayulita, a surf town, is located about an hour outside of Puerto Vallarta. We booked private transportation vans before we left the US, so getting to Sayulita from the airport in Puerto Vallarta was no problem. Instead of staying at a resort, 16 of us decided to all go in together and rent a house (mansion) through Airbnb.

The pictures online were nice, but you never really know what it will be like until you arrive. Well, it beyond exceeded our expectations. To give you a sense of how amazing it was, we referred to it all week as “The Drug Lord’s House.” Not because of the actual owner, but because we decided no one could afford a house that nice unless they were a drug lord.

The house was three stories, right in the center of the town square (and therefore walkable to everything). Every room had its own bathroom, maid service everyday, a pool, and the list goes on and on. I highly recommend going that route when looking for accommodations in Sayulita.

The weather in Sayulita is great at the end of April. The first day we arrived it was humid and sticky, but after that the weather was perfect for the beach.

By day you can explore the town, shop, relax on the beach, paddleboard, get a massage, or engage in a wide variety of other pursuits. I highly recommend starting your day off with a hearty breakfast in the town square. Our personal favorite was a place called ChocoBanana. This restaurant serves up a delicious breakfast at an affordable price. Plus, it is a short walk to the beach where you can then lay out and sleep off your breakfast.

In terms of other restaurant suggestions, I would say to just get out there and explore the town for yourself! I enjoyed everywhere I ate, and I think it is fun to explore the hole in the wall restaurants. I will say though, I would recommend La Rustica if you have a craving for pizza!

My friends were married at Villa Amor, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a venue. The ceremony took place on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Not only was it picturesque, but also major bonus: NO SAND!




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