The Accursed Mountains

A few days ago I took a day trip with the hostel to the Accursed Mountains. I felt like I was in a movie with the gorgeous scenery around me, and due to our mode of transportation- an old school VW van.

The Accursed Mountains received their name because according to legend, 2 brothers were out hunting one day and came across a beautiful fairy. The brothers asked her which one of them she preferred. She replied, “I love one of you for your strength and bravery, and I love the other for your good looks and gentle disposition.” Upon hearing the fairy’s words the brave brother became enraged, killed his handsome sibling, and took the fairy home with him. When his mother found out what he had done she cursed the fairy, her son, and the mountains forever.
The mountains were beautiful. It is amazing how much pristine, untouched land exists around here. You feel like you are in a different time period with shepherds herding their animals in the middle of the road, and primeval mountain air clearing your lungs. There are plenty of off-trail hiking opportunities here with picturesque waterfalls.

Hiking. Trying to figure out if I can make it down the slippery rocks without injury.

Gorgeous views:

Several encounters with shepherds and their animals:

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