Charleston in the Spring

If you have ever thought about traveling to Charleston, SC, but were indecisive about it, good news. I’ve made your decision for you. Go.

While traveling to Charleston from places like Dallas can be annoying because there are few direct flights, its worth it. Even if your flight is cancelled, you meet a stranger in the airport TGI Friday’s and you decide to make the long road trip together, it’s still worth it. That is what happened to me when trying to make it there for a friend’s wedding in April, and it was worth it.

There are 2 things you need to know if you are thinking about traveling to Charleston:

  1. Make sure to rent a car (so you can see all the sights outside of the city)
  2. Give yourself enough time so you can have a leisurely time in Charleston and soak it all up.

Now, naturally, I did not follow my own advice, but I still had a great time. Despite losing 2 days due to my flight situation. Below are some of the highlights of my whirlwind time in Charleston and my recs.

For the quintessential Charleston trip, you need to see Rainbow Row. Comprised of 13 colorful Georgian houses, Rainbow Row is the longest row of Georgian houses in the United States.



Continue your wandering on foot (Charleston traffic is terrible), to the water for some dolphin watching. On your way to the water you can stop by the famous pineapple fountain (pineapples= hospitality) for a classic tourist photo.


Time for a snack and some shopping? Stroll through the Charleston City Market. Make sure to take a break and grab a biscuit or two. Biscuit shops can be found throughout Charleston, and they do not disappoint. I recommend trying a new flavor like shortcake or black pepper bacon.

Once you’ve had a snack, I would recommend continuing to explore the city on foot. Without a plan. See what you stumble upon! I found The Tavern, which has been operational since 1686, and the Unitarian Church graveyard, which is one of the oldest Unitarian churches in America (1787). My friends and I stumbled upon it after following a quiet path off a bustling street. It was beautiful and a nice break from the busy city.


Other than that, if you have no car, I would recommend to continue wandering around Charleston and discovering the sites. There is so much history in this town to uncover, but remember to also slow down and enjoy the ambiance of the great restaurants. Have fun!


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