Komani Lake Ferry

Not sure if the ferry merits its own post, but the pictures do. The best and most picturesque way to travel in northern Albania from Skhodra to a little place called Valbona is via the Komani Lake Ferry. You take an hour van ride early in the morning to the lake to catch the ferry. Once onboard throw all your stuff inside and then find a good place to stand outside. I say stand and not sit because you are going to want to be walking around the whole time taking pictures. I think the left side is a bit more picturesque than the right.
The views you see are breathtaking. So much undisturbed nature. You rarely see a house or person. A smaller ferry in front of us kept stopping to let people off, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Not at an official stop, just at a rock or random shore. No idea where those people were going. At one place a guy did have some donkeys waiting on him. Sorry for the poor picture quality, using my iPhone because my good camera is still broken.

Picture of what my ferry looked like:

And, finally, just a few scenic shots from the ride:

One thought on “Komani Lake Ferry

  1. Breathtaking can barely describe how beautiful that is! I especially like the picture of the ferry with the sun rays shining down. Wonder where they are going on the donkeys? Could be a short story there.


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