Maui’s Dragon’s Teeth

While most people might arrive in a tropical paradise like Hawaii and head straight for the beach, I took the opposite approach. For my first full day in Maui, I decided to start my day by visiting the “Dragon’s Teeth.” While it would be amazing if they were real dragon’s teeth (which would only happen in GOT), it was still a remarkable site.


Just drive until you reach the end of Office Road and then park. You will see a golf course on your right, but keep walking to the right of the course and follow a trail down

until you see the Dragon’s Teeth.

The site you see was actually formed by the ocean spray constantly brushing against the lava. It is a nice area to explore, and the time completely depends on you. You could spend 5 minutes here, or 1 hour. I spent about 45 minutes just walking around taking in the view. There is no trail here so have fun climbing around. Wear athletic shoes. The winter ocean makes for a volatile and picturesque background.

Here is a picture of the start of the trail:



And here are just a few of the pictures I took while I meandered around:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Dragon’s Teeth is well worth the detour, and you can combine it with the Kapalua Trail for a nice excursion.

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