Waking up to Nice

This morning I woke up to a message from a friend asking if I was in Nice, France.

If it was 5 years ago, I would think she was there and wanted to meet up. In today’s world though, I knew that meant something had happened there.

In the world today, violent hate attacks and terrorism have sadly become common place. We hear about it so much on the news that it seems as though the whole world is divided. 

The Balkans though has reminded me that it isn’t. As I walk around the cities here, I pass a mosque and as I turn a corner I come upon a church. I hear a call to prayer and the church bells.

We need to be reminded that we can all live together. Not to discriminate because in times past people of many different faiths and nationalities have been discriminated against. To love each other and cherish the times we do have with the ones we love.

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